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Ubulu-Uku Schools

Current Projects

Rebuilding Ubulu-Uku Schools

Ubulu-Uku has two of the most prestigious secondary schools, Saint Anthony’s Secondary School and Anglican Grammar School in the Delta State. Alongside these two giants is the Ezemu Girls Secondary School, a fairly newer campus. These schools have graduated many thousands of people who are established and in positions of authority within and outside Nigeria. Due to the current dilapidated school building structures coupled with the unacceptable poor conditions of the schools not excluding these prestigious secondary schools, the association adopted Education among other issues as our first primary goal to address and support. Arrays of dilapidated school structures shown on this site typify the existing conditions of schools in Ubulu-Uku. Supposedly, these schools are the educational facilities where the future generations are expected to exercise reading knowledge. Other facets of basic resources in dire need in the town include good water supply, electricity, health facilities and good roads. These issues, all bundled together, are our rallying cries. Our intent also is to draw the attention of our guests, supporters, friends and good spirited people for their support. We encourage every one of you to continue to visit us and learn from this site about our continued progress on our various projects.

Our first opted project is to fix one of the buildings at Anglican Grammar School at a cost between $29,629.63 and $33,333.33 depending on the exchange control rate. We have successfully held three conventions and raised funds in Houston, Maryland, and Chicago respectively between 2002 and 2006. We have a calendar of convention events for the next three years. These future
Conventions are scheduled for Atlanta in 2007, Dallas in 2008, and California in 2009.

Thank you and God be with you.

Francis N. Oseji.
Ex-President, Ubulu-Uku, USA, Inc.

Above is the Current State Of Anglican Grammar

Please Help. A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste.

Ubulu-Uku Children Need You Now

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Children of Ubulu-Uku
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Ubulu-Uku USA, Association
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