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By. Edward Osadebay.

Doing a piece on the above caption is not only tasking but leaves unpleasant memory.

In as much as one is inclined to acknowledge that indeed the people of Ubulu-uku has actually matched forward, progress-wise in every facet of human endeavour, there is no denying the fact that the town itself has not benefited much in any way near the proportion of its people.

It is quite difficult analysing how a people could be so blessed with the calibre of men and women that came out of the bowel of this town, yet find it almost impossible to agree on any single item on the developmental agenda. And more pertinent is where to situate the indifference and hesitation to build. It is not too difficult to look back into history and cherish the zeal of the fifties of the Ubulu-uku people to develop. The enthusiasm gave birth to St. Anthony's college and Anglican grammar school. Fantastic steps that yielded beauteous rewards and we see the lawyers, accountants, doctors, engineers, scholars of note, businessmen and women, civil servants etc. The schools served as catalyst for these phenomenon. Wonderful and concise planing.

After this initial success, it became to your tents ndi Ubulu. There is the temptation to believe or even conclude that Ubulu-uku belongs to nobody, there are no voices, desires, will including finances to move to the next level. There were attempts made but the mean, nasty, cruel, sadistic, uncaring and thoughtless appeared on the horizon as dangerous cancer on the psyche of Ubulu-uku so it became mark time and a further descent into fratricide of not only ourselves but the town.

It is easy to identify these under-the-table mafia, most times masquerading as patriots. They are ever present as permanent members, attend all meetings, are permanent in financial, planning, implementation or at worst ceremonial committees. They are ever having pre-meeting (to make sure nothing meaningful is discuss), meetings after the main meeting (to discuss derailment measures). They shout and condemn the loudest, always having something to say (point of order or point of correction). Always punctual if they are not committee members (to indoctrinate and induce new members to their clique) and always late if they happen to head committees especially financial and implementation. They frustrate new members especially if you have new ideas. They are known never to have ever rendered accounts of committees or unions they head.

These people are not faceless nor invisible, they are our blood who sit, eat, drink, sleep and share intimacy. In their possessions are tons of worthless years of static or backward moving unions. They would never see intentionally the big picture of future promises but are contented with constantly looking on the past which contain nothing but their activities of darkness.

They are unfortunately in the main unions like Ubulu-uku Development Union (UDU), Ubulu-uku Development Council (UDC), Ubulu-uku 82, the latter is made up of the very core educated, intelligent and successful but it is frightening disheartening that Ubulu-uku 82 is just there, just there and nothing more. The former are only heard during leadership tussles. These were suppose to be the vehicles for Ubulu-uku development

On brighter note, one is proud to commend the Ubulu-uku USA Association and back home clubs like Prime Movers who has continued in their own small way to make their mark. If we had been contributing as small as Ubulu-uku USA and Prime Movers over the years, I am sure, we would have been celebrating and back slapping ourselves with wide smiles.

Edward Osadebay.

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