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Welcome Message From The Assistant Secretary
Ubulu-Uku, USA, Inc.
Patience Obiageli (Ojeah) Amagoh RN, BSN

Thank you for visiting our site and I hope this will not be the last time. My name is Patience Oby Ojeah-Amagoh from Idumu-Osume quarters. I am a registered Nurse with a BSN and currently working on my graduate studies in women’s health/mid-wife role at Old Dominion University in Norfolk Virginia. I currently reside in Richmond, Virginia with my three wonderful children. They have been a source of inspiration to me. I am truly thankful to them for their support. Also, my family though not in the USA has been a constant source of support not just to me but to UUU. They have really made my role in this association easier. My passion for Ubulu-Uku started back in Nigeria. I was not born or raised in Ubulu-Uku but every opportunity I have to be a part of that town is one that I have never turned down. My parents were responsible for this passion. I grew up watching my parents be the presidents of men and women Ubulu-Uku development union for four consecutive terms. As we finished high school and moved away from home,

they always encouraged us to seek out other Ubulu-Uku people and stay connected. This association gave me the opportunity to do just that. Since its conception, I have only missed one meeting which was the very first meeting held in Dallas, TX. The reason being I was not aware of the meeting before hand. Coming to the meetings and conventions has made it possible for me to meet many people that I would otherwise not know anything about, some of which are family members. Not only do I look forward to coming to this conventions/meeting for this reason, my children now look forward to coming too. Ubulu-Uku belongs to us and is our responsibility to take care of it. I believe that what cannot be accomplished individually, collectively we stand a chance. For this reason, I urge all sons and daughters of Ubulu-Uku in the USA to join this association to claim and develop what is rightfully ours. There is no such thing as a perfect organization and this association is no exception. The only way to begin to think of perfection is for it members to come together in love and make suggestion to improve

the association. Our people have a saying that “you are only affected by the association to which you belong”. You cannot change anything that you think is not right in this association unless you become a member. As you read this; if you are from Ubulu-Uku and not yet a member, I encourage you to make plans to attend the next meeting or convention and judge for yourself. At least you will have first hand information. I assure you that all it takes is being present in one meeting/convention and you will be a member for life. Look forward to seeing you in the next convention.



Patience Obiageli (Ojeah) Amagoh RN, BSN
Assistant Secretary. UUU

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