UUU USA Columbus Convention President Welcome Speech

Nnye Lue Ubulu...Oke-Uke, Good evening distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, it is truly a great honor for me to stand before you tonight so welcome you all to Ubulu-Uku USA INC. Association on the celebration of our 13th annual fund raising banquet event here in the great city of Columbus Ohio. My name is Michael Eboka, I am the current president of Ubulu-Uku USA INC. Association.

I want to especially extend my personal gratitude to our highly esteemed members of the high table, it takes a lot of courage and a special breed of person(s) to accept to be on a high table for any occasion especially those that involve fundraising. We thank you for accepting our invitation to the high table. We are also very grateful to all our invitees who are present here tonight to help us grace this occasion.

I also want to take this time to thank our members who year in and year out make the sacrifice to be at every convention in various cities over these years at great personal expenses. We do this not just for social reasons or because we don't have anything else to do with our time, but as a way to contribute and give back in our own little ways to offer hope to our long neglected home town. We have long recognized that there is a great deal of demand for energy, ingenuity, financial resources and the need for us to collectively think outside the box in the hope that we can proffer some solutions towards solving intractable problems that continue to affect our people back home.

As we celebrate our 13th annual fund raising event, I want to use this opportunity to review and highlight some of our recent successes as well as look at some of the challenges that we hope to tackle in the near future. Back in 2007, this association executed a $50,000.00 project at Anglican Grammar School Ubulu-Uku where we erected from the ground Up a Masters / Teachers block of office room and other spaces. The outcome was not the most desired as the project did not stand the test of time due to poor workmanship. Be that as it may, we have forged ahead and have completed other meaningful projects for a great town since then.

In the meantime, we have had many conventions since that project and our donors and sponsors expect us to be good stewards of the funds they donate to us. So in keeping with the promises we have made, despite the less than satisfactory results of the last project at the school, I'm happy to announce our members here today as well as our invited guests, that UUU USA INC. last year voted to execute another project at the Government General Hospital to provide 33 KVA Electrification for the benefit of Ubulu-Uku. The project was completed and commissioned on July 10, 2018. So as we celebrate here today, I am also happy to let you know that there is now constant electricity supply at the hospital courtesy of this association's efforts and resources as well as great support from our donors. Ubulu-Uku USA would like to say a special thank you for your past, present, and future support. We salute you immensely!

In addition to the electrification project, UUU USA is also happy to announce that this evening we have recently offered a four-year full undergraduate academic scholarship to Ms. Nancy Ben Odinakachukwu who is studying nursing at the University of Benin at an estimated annual cost of ₦100,000 until graduation at a total cost of 400,000.00 Naira. Special thanks to UUU project team members who dedicated a great deal of their time to ensure that the most qualified candidate was selected from a large pool of applicants. Please join us in congratulating Ms. Odinakachukwu on accomplishing this great feat. We thank you for joining us today and we look forward to a very generous donation(s) from all of you here tonight to help us continue to make our dreams were a better tomorrow for our home town possible.

Thanks and God bless you and bless Ubulu-Uku USA INC...

Nnye Lue...Ubulu!! Oke Uke!!!


UUU USA 2018 Scholarship Award Recipient

After a long screening process of the many applicants, Ubulu-Uku USA INC. is pleased to present the recipient of the first Ubulu-Uku USA Scholarship, Ms. Nancy Ben Odinakachukwu. She is studying nursing at the University of Benin. Please join us in congratulating Ms. Odinakachukwu on accomplishing this great feat. For a message from the recipient, click here.